With equivalent excitement and motivation, the staff and partners of Sterling reach out to and respond with compassion to the needs of those around us. Our bottom line is multi-threaded, meaning our positive impact on the world is just as important to us as our balance sheet. 


Supporting others.

In an effort to support our employees and the things they are concerned with, Sterling sponsors a number of programs both locally and abroad. For example: financial incentives for employees wanting to participate in the Great American Smoke Out and/or Marriage Team Coaching services. Collaborative sponsorship of Open Arms India orphans with our clients. Matching dollars for employee contributions to disaster relief fund raising events.

Hands On

Open Arms India - sharing the Gospel and caring for the forgotten in India.

Sterling has come along side of Open Arms India in many aspects. First, from an operational management standpoint, Sterling is assisting OAI with brand creation, social media, mission trip coordination, and backend technology services. Secondly, Sterling is committed to helping on the ground level by co- sponsoring thanks to their clients, as many orphans as possible.

Local Outreach

Outreach in our back yard.

Africa New Life Ministries, Christian Chamber Northwest, CoLabor Ministries, Colossae Church, Destiny Ministries, HumaniNet, The Identity Project, Jubilee Christian Fellowship, Jubilee Transition Homes, Love Inc., Marketplace Coalition of the NW, North Plains Christian, Open Arms India, Portland Good Friday Breakfast, Quiet Waters Outreach, REA Ministries, Safe Families, Transitional Youth, VetREST, Westside Christian High School, World Vision and YoungLife.

On Mission

Traveling the world to make a difference.

Oaxaca Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Haiti, Rwanda, Buxar India, South Africa - Sterling's benefits program includes both a financial and paid time-off component to encourage and support employees when they engage in National and International Humanitarian Aid Projects.


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